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Hiiu Dating

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Hiiu County is one of 15 counties of Estonia. It consists of Hiiumaa, the second largest island of Estonia, and several smaller islands near it. The county borders Lne County to the east and Saare County to the south. 0.7% of the total population of Estonia lives in Hiiu County. Population: 10,289. Its capital is Krdla. Human in-habitation of Hiiumaa can be traced back to the 5 millennium BC. Mesolithic sites in Kpu peninsula are presented by the seal-hunters settlements. There are several well preserved grave fields of the Iron Age. In 1228, the island was first mentioned in written annals under the name Dageida. In 1254, Hiiumaa was divided between the Livonian Order and the Bishopric of sel-Wiek. In 1563 Hiiumaa was annexed into Sweden.

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