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Parnu County is one of 15 counties of Estonia. It is situated in south-western part of the country, on the coast of Gulf of Riga, and borders Lne and Rapla counties to the north, Jarva and Viljandi counties to the east, and Latvia to the south. 6.6% of the total population of Estonia lives in Parnu County. Population: 89,660. Parnu County is the largest county of Estonia in terms of land area. In Parnu county there is the oldest known human settlement in Estonia, from town of Sindi 2 km upstream by Parnu River, near village Pulli. 8500 years BC. Its capital is Prnu. The city of Parnu is a popular holiday resort for Estonians and increasingly for non-Estonians, e.g., from Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Russia.

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