Vorumaa County Dating

Vorumaa Dating

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Vorumaa officially, Voru maakond, is a county in Southern Estonia. It is bordered to the north by the Palva County and the Lake Pihkva; to the west by Valga County; to the south by Latvia; and to the east by the Russian Federation. The territory of Vrumaa covers 2,305 km and is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. 2.9% of the total population of Estonia lives in the county. Population: 40,000. Vrumaa in its historical borders included eight parishes: Karula, Hargla, Urvaste, Ruge, Kanepi, Palva, Rpin and Vastseliina. These parishes are currently centered in Voru and Palva Counties with parts extending into Valga and Tartu Counties. Its capital is Vru.

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